The long road to Euro 2020 has begun and the groups are beginning to take shape after the opening matchdays

International football in Europe has been complicated somewhat by the inception of the Nations League, but the top prize in the continent remains the European Championship.

Euro 2020, the 16th edition of the UEFA competition, is being styled as a celebration, with games being held across Europe to mark the 60th birthday of the first ever tournament.

UEFA’s 55 member associations will be desperate to take their place on the stage for such a historic venture, but there is only room for an exclusive group to compete at the finals.

The qualification stage is under way and Goal brings you everything you need to know.

Euro 2020 qualification groups, fixtures & results

Note: Teams marked with an asterisk are assured of a place in the play-offs thanks to their Nations League performance.

Group A

2Czech Republic6402+212

Group A fixtures

DateMatchTime (UK)
Mar 22Bulgaria 1-1 Montenegro7:45pm
Mar 22England 5-0 Czech Republic7:45pm
Mar 25Kosovo 1-1 Bulgaria7:45pm
Mar 25Montenegro 1-5 England7:45pm
Jun 7Czech Republic 2-1 Bulgaria7:45pm
Jun 7Montenegro 1-1 Kosovo7:45pm
Jun 10Bulgaria 2-3 Kosovo7:45pm
Jun 10Czech Republic 3-0 Montenegro7:45pm
Sep 7Kosovo 2-1 Czech Republic2pm
Sep 7England 4-0 Bulgaria5pm
Sep 10England 5-3 Kosovo7:45pm
Sep 10Montenegro 0-3 Czech Republic7:45pm
Oct 11Czech Republic 2-1 England7:45pm
Oct 11Montenegro 0-0 Bulgaria7:45pm
Oct 14Bulgaria vs England7:45pm
Oct 14Kosovo vs Montenegro7:45pm
Nov 14Czech Republic vs Kosovo7:45pm
Nov 14England vs Montenegro7:45pm
Nov 17Bulgaria vs Czech Republic7:45pm
Nov 17Kosovo vs England7:45pm

Group B


Group B fixtures

DateMatchTime (UK)
Mar 22Luxembourg 2-1 Lithuania7:45pm
Mar 22Portugal 0-0 Ukraine7:45pm
Mar 25Luxembourg 1-2 Ukraine7:45pm
Mar 25Portugal 1-1 Serbia7:45pm
Jun 7Lithuania 1-1 Luxembourg7:45pm
Jun 7Ukraine 5-0 Serbia7:45pm
Jun 10Serbia 4-1 Lithuania7:45pm
Jun 10Ukraine 1-0 Luxembourg7:45pm
Sep 7Lithuania 0-3 Ukraine5pm
Sep 7Serbia 2-4 Portugal7:45pm
Sep 10Lithuania 1-5 Portugal7:45pm
Sep 10Luxembourg 1-3 Serbia7:45pm
Oct 11Portugal 3-0 Luxembourg7:45pm
Oct 11Ukraine 2-0 Lithuania7:45pm
Oct 14Lithuania vs Serbia7:45pm
Oct 14Ukraine vs Portugal7:45pm
Nov 14Portugal vs Lithuania7:45pm
Nov 14Serbia vs Luxembourg7:45pm
Nov 17Luxembourg vs Portugal2pm
Nov 17Serbia vs Ukraine2pm

Group C

Group C fixtures

DateMatchTime (UK)
Mar 21Netherlands 4-0 Belarus7:45pm
Mar 21Northern Ireland 2-0 Estonia7:45pm
Mar 24Netherlands 2-3 Germany7:45pm
Mar 24Northern Ireland 2-1 Belarus7:45pm
Jun 8Estonia 1-2 Northern Ireland5pm
Jun 8Belarus 0-2 Germany7:45pm
Jun 11Belarus 0-1 Northern Ireland7:45pm
Jun 11Germany 8-0 Estonia7:45pm
Sep 6Estonia 1-2 Belarus7:45pm
Sep 6Germany 2-4 Netherlands7:45pm
Sep 9Estonia 0-4 Netherlands7:45pm
Sep 9Northern Ireland 0-2 Germany7:45pm
Oct 10Belarus 0-0 Estonia7:45pm
Oct 10Netherlands 3-1 Northern Ireland7:45pm
Oct 13Belarus vs Netherlands5pm
Oct 13Estonia vs Germany7:45pm
Nov 16Germany vs Belarus7:45pm
Nov 16Northern Ireland vs Netherlands7:45pm
Nov 19Germany vs Northern Ireland7:45pm
Nov 19Netherlands vs Estonia7:45pm

Group D

Group D fixtures

DateMatchTime (UK)
Mar 23Georgia 0-2 Switzerland2pm
Mar 23Gibraltar 0-1 Republic of Ireland5pm
Mar 26Republic of Ireland 1-0 Georgia7:45pm
Mar 26Switzerland 3-3 Denmark7:45pm
Jun 7Georgia 3-0 Gibraltar5pm
Jun 7Denmark 1-1 Republic of Ireland7:45pm
Jun 10Denmark 5-1 Georgia7:45pm
Jun 10Republic of Ireland 2-0 Gibraltar7:45pm
Sep 5Gibraltar 0-6 Denmark7:45pm
Sep 5Republic of Ireland 1-1 Switzerland7:45pm
Sep 8Georgia 0-0 Denmark5pm
Sep 8Switzerland 4-0 Gibraltar5pm
Oct 12Georgia vs Republic of Ireland2pm
Oct 12Denmark vs Switzerland5pm
Oct 15Gibraltar vs Georgia7:45pm
Oct 15Switzerland vs Republic of Ireland7:45pm
Nov 15Denmark vs Gibraltar7:45pm
Nov 15Switzerland vs Georgia7:45pm
Nov 18Gibraltar vs Switzerland7:45pm
Nov 18Republic of Ireland vs Denmark7:45pm

Group E


Group E fixtures

DateMatchTime (UK)
Mar 21Croatia 2-1 Azerbaijan7:45pm
Mar 21Slovakia 2-0 Hungary7:45pm
Mar 24Wales 1-0 Slovakia2pm
Mar 24Hungary 2-1 Croatia5pm
Jun 8Croatia 2-1 Wales2pm
Jun 8Azerbaijan 1-3 Hungary5pm
Jun 11Azerbaijan 1-5 Slovakia5pm
Jun 11Hungary 1-0 Wales7:45pm
Sep 6Slovakia 0-4 Croatia7:45pm
Sep 6Wales 2-1 Azerbaijan7:45pm
Sep 9Azerbaijan 1-1 Croatia5pm
Sep 9Hungary 1-2 Slovakia7:45pm
Oct 10Croatia 3-0 Hungary7:45pm
Oct 10Slovakia 1-1 Wales7:45pm
Oct 13Hungary vs Azerbaijan5pm
Oct 13Wales vs Croatia7:45pm
Nov 16Azerbaijan vs Wales5pm
Nov 16Croatia vs Slovakia7:45pm
Nov 19Slovakia vs Azerbaijan7:45pm
Nov 19Wales vs Hungary7:45pm

Group F

6Faroe Islands6006-170

Group F fixtures

DateMatchTime (UK)
Mar 23Malta 2-1 Faroe Islands5pm
Mar 23Sweden 2-1 Romania5pm
Mar 23Spain 2-1 Norway7:45pm
Mar 26Malta 0-2 Spain7:45pm
Mar 26Sweden 3-3 Norway7:45pm
Mar 26Romania 4-1 Faroe Islands7:45pm
Jun 7Faroe Islands 1-4 Spain7:45pm
Jun 7Norway 2-2 Romania7:45pm
Jun 7Sweden 3-0 Malta7:45pm
Jun 10Faroe Islands 0-2 Norway7:45pm
Jun 10Malta 0-4 Romania7:45pm
Jun 10Spain 3-0 Sweden7:45pm
Sep 5Faroe Islands 0-4 Sweden7:45pm
Sep 5Norway 2-0 Malta7:45pm
Sep 5Romania 1-2 Spain7:45pm
Sep 8Spain 4-0 Faroe Islands2pm
Sep 8Romania 1-0 Malta5pm
Sep 8Sweden 1-1 Norway7:45pm
Oct 12Faroe Islands vs Romania5pm
Oct 12Malta vs Sweden7:45pm
Oct 12Norway vs Spain7:45pm
Oct 15Faroe Islands vs Malta7:45pm
Oct 15Romania vs Norway7:45pm
Oct 15Sweden vs Spain7:45pm
Nov 15Norway vs Faroe Islands7:45pm
Nov 15Romania vs Sweden7:45pm
Nov 15Spain vs Malta7:45pm
Nov 18Malta vs Norway7:45pm
Nov 18Spain vs Romania7:45pm
Nov 18Sweden vs Faroe Islands7:45pm

Group G

3North Macedonia7322+111

Group G fixtures

DateMatchTime (UK)
Mar 21Austria 0-1 Poland7:45pm
Mar 21Macedonia 3-1 Latvia7:45pm
Mar 21Israel 1-1 Slovenia7:45pm
Mar 24Israel 4-2 Austria5pm
Mar 24Poland 2-0 Latvia7:45pm
Mar 24Slovenia 1-1 Macedonia7:45pm
Jun 7Austria 1-0 Slovenia7:45pm
Jun 7Macedonia 0-1 Poland7:45pm
Jun 7Latvia 0-3 Israel7:45pm
Jun 10Macedonia 1-4 Austria7:45pm
Jun 10Latvia 0-5 Slovenia7:45pm
Jun 10Poland 4-0 Israel7:45pm
Sep 5Israel 1-1 Macedonia7:45pm
Sep 6Austria 6-0 Latvia7:45pm
Sep 6Slovenia 2-0 Poland7:45pm
Sep 9Latvia 0-2 Macedonia7:45pm
Sep 9Poland 0-0 Austria7:45pm
Sep 9Slovenia 3-2 Israel7:45pm
Oct 10Austria 3-1 Israel7:45pm
Oct 10Macedonia 2-1 Slovenia7:45pm
Oct 10Latvia 0-3 Poland7:45pm
Oct 13Poland vs Macedonia7:45pm
Oct 13Slovenia vs Austria7:45pm
Oct 15Israel vs Latvia7:45pm
Nov 16Slovenia vs Latvia5pm
Nov 16Austria vs Macedonia7:45pm
Nov 16Israel vs Poland7:45pm
Nov 19Macedonia vs Israel7:45pm
Nov 19Latvia vs Austria7:45pm
Nov 19Poland vs Slovenia7:45pm

Group H


Group H fixtures

DateMatchTime (UK)
Mar 22Albania 0-2 Turkey7:45pm
Mar 22Andorra 0-2 Iceland7:45pm
Mar 22Moldova 1-4 France7:45pm
Mar 25Turkey 4-0 Moldova5pm
Mar 25Andorria 0-3 Albania7:45pm
Mar 25France 4-0 Iceland7:45pm
Jun 8Iceland 1-0 Albania2pm
Jun 8Moldova 1-0 Andorra5pm
Jun 8Turkey 2-0 France7:45pm
Jun 11Albania 2-0 Moldova7:45pm
Jun 11Andorra 0-4 France7:45pm
Jun 11Iceland 2-1 Turkey7:45pm
Sep 7Iceland 3-0 Moldova5pm
Sep 7France 4-1 Albania7:45pm
Sep 7Turkey 1-0 Andorra7:45pm
Sep 10Albania 4-2 Iceland7:45pm
Sep 10France 3-0 Andorra7:45pm
Sep 10Moldova 0-4 Turkey7:45pm
Oct 11Andorra 1-0 Moldova7:45pm
Oct 11Iceland 0-1 France7:45pm
Oct 11Turkey 1-0 Albania7:45pm
Oct 14France vs Turkey7:45pm
Oct 14Iceland vs Andorra7:45pm
Oct 14Moldova vs Albania7:45pm
Nov 14Turkey vs Iceland5pm
Nov 14Albania vs Andorra7:45pm
Nov 14France vs Moldova7:45pm
Nov 17Albania vs France7:45pm
Nov 17Andorra vs Turkey7:45pm
Nov 17Moldova vs Iceland7:45pm

Group I

1Belgium (Q)7700+2721
6San Marino7007-370

Group I fixtures

DateMatchTime (UK)
Mar 21Kazakhstan 3-0 Scotland3pm
Mar 21Belgium 3-1 Russia7:45pm
Mar 21Cyprus 5-0 San Marino7:45pm
Mar 24Kazakhstan 0-4 Russia2pm
Mar 24San Marino 0-2 Scotland5pm
Mar 24Cyprus 0-2 Belgium7:45pm
Jun 8Russia 9-0 San Marino5pm
Jun 8Belgium 3-0 Kazakhstan7:45pm
Jun 8Scotland 2-1 Cyprus7:45pm
Jun 11Kazakhstan 4-0 San Marino3pm
Jun 11Belgium 3-0 Scotland7:45pm
Jun 11Russia 1-0 Cyprus7:45pm
Sep 6Cyprus 1-1 Kazakhstan7:45pm
Sep 6San Marino 0-4 Belgium7:45pm
Sep 6Scotland 1-2 Russia7:45pm
Sep 9Russia 1-0 Kazakhstan7:45pm
Sep 9San Marino 0-4 Cyprus7:45pm
Sep 9Scotland 0-4 Belgium7:45pm
Oct 10Kazakhstan 1-2 Cyprus3pm
Oct 10Belgium 9-0 San Marino7:45pm
Oct 10Russia 4-0 Scotland7:45pm
Oct 13Kazakhstan vs Belgium2pm
Oct 13Cyprus vs Russia5pm
Oct 13Scotland vs San Marino5pm
Nov 16Cyprus vs Scotland2pm
Nov 16Russia vs Belgium5pm
Nov 16San Marino vs Kazakhstan5pm
Nov 19Belgium vs Cyprus7:45pm
Nov 19San Marino vs Russia7:45pm
Nov 19Scotland vs Kazakhstan7:45pm

Group J


Group J fixtures

DateMatchTime (UK)
Mar 23Bosnia-Herzegovina 2-1 Armenia7:45pm
Mar 23Italy 2-0 Finland7:45pm
Mar 23Liechtenstein 0-2 Greece7:45pm
Mar 26Armenia 0-2 Finland5pm
Mar 26Bosnia-Herzegovina 2-2 Greece7:45pm
Mar 26Italy 6-0 Liechtenstein7:45pm
Jun 8Armenia 3-0 Liechtenstein5pm
Jun 8Finland 2-0 Bosnia-Herzegovina5pm
Jun 8Greece 0-3 italy7:45pm
Jun 11Greece 2-3 Armenia7:45pm
Jun 11Italy 2-1 Bosnia-Herzegovina7:45pm
Jun 11Liechtenstein 0-2 Finland7:45pm
Sep 5Armenia 1-3 Italy5pm
Sep 5Bosnia-Herzegovina 5-0 Liechtenstein7:45pm
Sep 5Finland 1-0 Greece7:45pm
Sep 8Armenia 4-2 Bosnia-Herzegovina5pm
Sep 8Finland 1-2 Italy7:45pm
Sep 8Greece 1-1 Liechtenstein7:45pm
Oct 12Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Finland5pm
Oct 12Italy vs Greece7:45pm
Oct 12Liechtenstein vs Armenia7:45pm
Oct 15Finland vs Armenia7:45pm
Oct 15Greece vs Bosnia-Herzegovina7:45pm
Oct 15Liechtenstein vs Italy7:45pm
Nov 15Armenia vs Greece5pm
Nov 15Finland vs Liechtenstein5pm
Nov 15Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Italy7:45pm
Nov 18Greece vs Finland7:45pm
Nov 18Italy vs Armenia7:45pm
Nov 18Liechtenstein vs Bosnia-Herzegovina7:45pm

How to watch the Euro 2020 qualifying

In the United Kingdom, Euro 2020 qualifiers will be available to watch on a number of different channels.

ITV will broadcast England qualifiers, while Sky Sports will broadcast the games of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. S4C will cover Wales games live in Welsh.

In the United States, ESPN and Univision have the rights to Euro 2020 qualifiers.

How many teams qualify for Euro 2020?

Kylian Mbappe France 2018

Euro 2020 will see 24 teams compete for the right to be crowned the best team in Europe.

As you can see above, there are 10 qualifying groups: five groups of five teams (A-E) and five groups of six (F-J). The top two teams in each group will qualify automatically for the European Championship.

The remaining four places at the tournament will be decided via play-offs, with 16 teams already guaranteed a place in that stage through their performance in the Nations League.

Those 16 teams are the winners of each Nations League group, but they may potentially qualify directly through their qualification group, in which case the next best ranked team of their Nations League section is allocated the play-off place.

None of the host nations will qualify automatically but, in order to give them a better chance of qualifying, a maximum of two host nations can be drawn in the same group.

When & where will Euro 2020 take place?

Euro 2020 hosts

The 16th edition of the European Championship will kick off on June 12, 2020 and it will conclude on July 12, 2020.

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It will be held across 12 different cities in Europe, with UEFA celebrating the 60th birthday of the first European Championship (then called the European Nations Cup), which was held in France in 1960.

The final and semi-finals will be contested in London at Wembley Stadium.

Euro 2020 host cities

Amsterdam, NetherlandsJohan Cruyff Arena56,000
Baku, AzerbaijanOlympic Stadium68,700
Bilbao, SpainSan Mames53,332
Bucharest, RomaniaArena Nationala55,600
Budapest, HungaryFerenc Puskas Stadium67,889
Copenhagen, DenmarkParken Stadium38,065
Dublin, IrelandAviva Stadium51,700
Glasgow, ScotlandHampden Park52,063
London, EnglandWembley Stadium90,000
Munich, GermanyAllianz Arena75,000
Rome, ItalyStadio Olimpico72,698
Saint Petersburg, RussiaKrestovsky Stadium68,134

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